Hi, Let's see where to start:

I've just started this and plan on making a lot of mistrakes.


      When you order the Wax Melts, it will take me two to three days to prepare your order as to what scent or color you requested. I use the 3 ounce as my standard weight because that is what a clamshell package weighs. 

     I really like the crumbs because I can add as little or as much as I like.

     The shapes "average" is one to two shapes equal half of a "normal cube" of wax,  to give you an idea of how many to put in at a time.

     The scent strength is" average" not too heavy or too light.

     When you order and you see "other" you will need to email your choices because maybe I didn't list a color you want or have in mind.

     I have sample packs of "one ounce"  to order, in case you want to try a scent or would just like a small variety of wax melts. Why do I have a sample pack you ask? How do I describe the scent of "Twisted Mermaid".....huh  

     If there is a scent you would like me to carry or a suggestion of a scent ,  email me at

           vickysfoofoobox@aol.com                                 and I'll see what I can do. 

     If there is a "shape" you would like me to carry or a suggestion of a shape, email me.